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Generic Dalfampridine

Dalfampridine  (4-aminopyridine) formerly known as Fampridine.

Dalfampridine is used to treat:

  • Relapsing multiple sclerosis-MS

Dalfampridine sold as brand names Ampyra among others.Dalfampridine has a generic form of several brands include:

  1. Biogen:Fampridine-Fampyra(USA)
  2. Sun Pharma:Ampyra(USA)
  3. Taro Pharma:Taro Fampridine(Canada)
  4. HIKMA Pharma:Dalfampridine extended-release tablet(Jordan)
  5. Accordhealthcare:Dalfampridine extended-release tablet(USA)
  6. ASCEND Labs:Dalfampridine extended-release tablet(USA)
  7. AI Andalous:Dalfarosis(Egypt)
  8. Faran Shimi Pharma:Fampridine-Fampiron ER(Iran)

Dalstep Dalfampridine

Brand Name : Dalstep
Composition : Dalfampridine 10mg
Indication: Multiple Sclerosis Agent – Potassium Channel Blocker
Form : Tablet (Oral administration)
Packing : 100 Tablets in 1 box
Manufactured By:Sun Pharma [India]
Storage:Store at room temperature (5-30°C)


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