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Generic Tofacitinib

Tofacitinib is an orally available inhibitor of Janus kinases (JAK), with immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities.

Tofacitinib is used to treat certain types of arthritis,such as :

  • psoriatic arthritis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • polyarticular course juvenile idiopathic arthritis-pcJIA

Tofacitinib sold as brand names Xeljanz among others.Tofacitinib has a generic form of several brands include:

  1. Beacon Pharma:Tofacinix、Jaktor(Bangladesh)
  2. Globe Pharma:Tofanib(Bangladesh)
  3. Incepta Pharma:Tofacent(Bangladesh)
  4. Everest Pharma:Tofaxen(Bangladesh)
  5. Aristo Pharma:Arthanib(Bangladesh)
  6. Delta Pharma:Tofacit(Bangladesh)
  7. Healthcare Pharma:Jaknib(Bangladesh)
  8. ZiskaPharma:Tofatin(Bangladesh)
  9. Labaid Pharma:Tofa-Aid(Bangladesh)
  10. Eskayef:Tojak(Bangladesh)
  11. Natco Pharma:Jaknat(India) 
  12. Cipla Ltd:Tofajak(India) 
  13. Intas Pharma:Intajac、Tofatas(India) 
  14. MSN Lab:Tofadoz(India) 
  15. IPCA:TFCT-NIB(India) 
  16. LUCIUS(Suspected illegal manufacturer):LUCITOFA(India) 

Jakura Tofacitinib

Brand Name : Jakura
Composition : Tofacitinib 5mg
Indication: DMARD-Inflammatory Bowel Agent-Janus Kinase (JAK) Inhibitors
Form : Tablet (Oral administration)
Packing : 60 Tablets in 1 box
Manufactured By:Hetero Pharma [India]
Storage:Store at room temperature (5-30°C)

Tocit Tofacitinib

Brand Name : Tocit&Tocit XR
Composition : Tofacitinib 5mg&11mg
Indication: DMARD-Inflammatory Bowel Agent-Janus Kinase (JAK) Inhibitors
Form : Tablet (Oral administration)
Packing : 30&60Tablets in 1 box
Manufactured By:DRUG INTERNATIONAL Ltd [Bangladesh]
Storage:Store at room temperature (5-30°C)


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