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Tag: Arthritis

Generic Tofacitinib

Tofacitinib is an orally available inhibitor of Janus kinases (JAK), with immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory activities. Tofacitinib is used to treat certain types of arthritis,such as : psoriatic arthritis rheumatoid arthritis polyarticular course juvenile idiopathic arthritis-pcJIA Tofacitinib sold as brand names Xeljanz among others.Tofacitinib has a generic form of several brands . . . Read more

Generic Baricitinib

Baricitinib is an orally bioavailable inhibitor of Janus kinases 1 and 2 (JAK1/2), with potential anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating and antineoplastic activities. Upon administration, baricitinib binds to JAK1/2, which inhibits JAK1/2 activation and leads to the inhibition of the JAK-signal transducers and activators of transcription (STAT) signaling pathway. This decreases the production . . . Read more