We are committed to conducting business with integrity, quality, respect and responsibility. These are key principles we consider when selecting customers, partners, suppliers and contractors to provide goods or services, including but not limited to raw material production, contract manufacturing, clinical research, marketing and distribution, and other general and administrative services.

We understand and appreciate that different economies have different legal systems, especially as we operate mainly in developing countries and face more complexities. But we still expect all partners to abide by all laws, regulations and standards that are not only related to healthcare, but also those related to finance, labor, health, safety, transparency and environmental practices , and comply with the requirements in our Code of Conduct. The Code covers a wide range of factors – from cost and reliability to environmental and social considerations. This includes a strong emphasis on business ethics, including compliance with anti-corruption rules and a commitment to operating with honesty and integrity.

We acknowledge that no single specification can address every situation a partner may encounter. Therefore, our Code of Conduct is not a substitute for our partners’ own responsibilities and the responsibility to exercise good judgment and sound business conduct.

RxLibra conducts routine on-site quality audits of manufacturing-related suppliers. If we become aware of any conduct or situation that does not meet our standards, we will seek to work with our suppliers to take corrective or remedial action. We have also increased our focus on supplier due diligence through our supplier due diligence process, ensuring new suppliers are established for success.