We promotes the development of the medical and pharmaceutical industries through information technology.


We invest in the auxiliary elements of the upgrading of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain in Laos, from human resources training to product terminal sales promotion.


Through us, customers can make maximum use of the resources of Laos pharmaceutical industry, including R & D, manufacturing and sales.

About US

Bridging the health gap

The development of Frontier medicine in developed countries is changing with each passing day, while it takes a long time for the latest scientific research achievements to be transformed into countries such as Laos. Fortunately, there are always people willing to try to bridge the gap of human society.Therefore,’development’ is the key word in our company’s name.

How it works

A few things we’re great at




Industrial investment services

If you want to invest and start a laboratory animal farm, chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory in Laos, but don’t know how to start?


Clinical trial services

If you want to carry out clinical trials in Laos.Or you want to post patient recruitment information in Southeast Asia and South Asia.


Preparation research and development

Process development and optimization of pharmaceutical solid preparations.


API customization and R & D

Organic synthesis of API.


Third party manufacturing

GMP certified pharmaceutical company geared for exports.If you want to find pharmaceutical enterprises in Laos to contract products,We can help.



RxLibra discovers, develops, manufactures, and delivers safe, effective therapeutics for international markets. If you want to purchase products from a pharmaceutical factory in Laos,We can help.

Professional Development

Follow the forefront, never stop.

Pay attention to vulnerable groups

We attach great importance to the access of rare diseases and orphan drugs.

Open Source Business

Open source commercial resources to support employee and upstream and downstream development.

The secret of success

More than money

Learn about products from the Lao pharmaceutical industry

Translational Medicine 

Health Promotion Group

Access to Medicine

Commerce and Channels Dept

Supply & Service Chain

Support Operations Dept


Human Resources Dept

FoundationStone DEvelopment

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Welcome talents from the Indian Ocean Economic Belt to join our team.

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Provide opportunities for everyone,including our cusomers,employees abd business partners,to realize their dreams.

our mission

Promte the development of the Lao pharmaceutical industry and benefit people around the world.

our values

Enhance the international status of the Lao pharmaceutical industy and experience the joy of business success.