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The drugs produced by the Lao pharmaceutical industry are basically generic drugs. A generic drug is a drug that is identical in dosage form, safety, strength, route of administration, quality and performance characteristics to an existing approved brand-name drug.The following is not a list of medicines manufactured by the entire Lao pharmaceutical industry, but is a list of products we have obtained from manufacturers that are making or can help make them. The list is mainly to help customers understand what products are being produced by the pharmaceutical industry in Laos.
INN NameStrengthDosage FormEnglish
Abiraterone250mgTablets TLPH
Acalabrutinib100mgCapsule BIGBEAR
Alectinib150mgCapsule TLPH
Avatrombopag20mgTablets BIGBEAR
Brigatinib30mgTablets TLPH
Brigatinib90mgTablets TLPH
Cabozantinib20mgCapsule TLPHBIGBEAR
Cabozantinib80mgCapsule TLPHBIGBEAR
Capmatinib200mgTablets BIGBEAR
Ceritinib150mg50c*3B TLPH
Crizotinib200mgCapsule TLPH
Crizotinib250mgCapsule TLPH
Dabrafenib75mgCapsule BIGBEAR
Eltrombopag25mgTablets TLPH
Empagliflozin10mgTablets TLPH
Entrectinib100mgCapsule TLPHBIGBEAR
Entrectinib200mgCapsule TLPH
Erdafitinib4mgTablets BIGBEAR
Gefitinib250mgTablets TLPH
Gilteritinib40mgTablets BIGBEAR
Ibrutinib140mgCapsule TLPH
Ixazomib4mgTablets BIGBEAR
Lenalidomide10mgCapsule TLPH
Lenalidomide25mgCapsule TLPH
Lenvatinib4mgCapsule TLPH
Lenvatinib10mgCapsule TLPH
Lesinurad200mgTablets TLPH
Lorlatinib25mgTablets BIGBEAR
Lorlatinib100mgTablets TLPHBIGBEAR
Mitotane500mgTablets TLPH
Molnupiravir200mgCapsule TLPH
Niraparib100mgCapsule TLPH
Obeticholic acid,OCA5mgTablets TLPH
Olaparib50mgCapsule TLPH
Olaparib150mgTablets TLPH
Osimertinib80mgTablets TLPHBIGBEAR
Palbociclib100mgCapsule TLPH
Palbociclib125mgCapsule TLPH
Pomalidomide2mgCapsule TLPH
Pomalidomide4mgCapsule TLPH
Regorafenib40mgTablets TLPH
Ruxolitinib5mgTablets BIGBEAR
Selinexor20mgTablets BIGBEAR
Sotorasib120mgTablets BIGBEAR
Selpercatinib40mgTablets BIGBEAR
Sofosbuvir,Velpatasvir400mg/100mgTablets TLPH
Sorafenib200mgTablets TLPH
Tenofovir alafenamide,TAF25mgTablets TLPH
Trametinib2mgTablets BIGBEAR
Trelagliptin100mgTablets TLPH
Venetoclax10mgTablets TLPHBIGBERA
Venetoclax50mgTablets TLPHBIGBEAR
Venetoclax100mgTablets TLPHBIGBERA
Pemigatinib4.5mgTablets BIGBEAR
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