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Key Words

RxLibra P2P Exchange Community:Bio-Tech’s project peer-to-peer equivalent exchange development business community.

Community Theme

RxLibra P2P Exchange Community is oriented to import and export companies in the biotechnology industry in developing countries. It supports the progress of organizations in the biotechnology industry chain in developing countries by building and providing a two-way interactive information and trade solution network.

Background of the Community

Compared with other consumer goods industries, the Bio-Tech industry faces more unique challenges – strict market access, slow technology transmission, and complex payment systems. We are interested in exploring potential partners in the global market because, we believe that the growth process of Bio-Tech in developing countries has just begun, and we believe that the information/technology/services/products in the field of Bio-Tech between different economies are Deep integration will occur in the next 10 years.

Development Model

Our development model is as the Community name:Bio-Tech’s project peer-to-peer equivalent exchange development business community.

  • Find qualified import and export companies in various developing economies to participate in this community
  • Members exchange their held projects on a reciprocal basis to help each other promote projects and achieve business.。

Exchange collaboration table

Complete solutionDisease TherapyInfrastructure for TherapyBusiness solutions
Academia&IndustryScientific research & transformationEngineering & ManufacturingBusiness&Insurance
BusinessAcademic promotionMarket access and regulationListed and distributed

The birth of a disease solution usually goes through three stages: scientific research & transformation > engineering & manufacturing > business & insurance. This is a linear process that costs more than US$1 billion and lasts 10 to 40 years. In order to shorten this long cycle, academia/industry has developed various tools and methods, such as: translational medicine, artificial intelligence drug development, biological experiment simulators, real-world data, etc.

“RxLibra P2P Exchange Community” is a parallel process built around the linear process of “academia/industry”, promoting the “business community” around the world to actively track the development of cutting-edge technologies, leading the enrichment of local market resources, and accelerating promotion to developing economies. Scientific research results promote the matching of “manufacturing/investment&supervision/market” elements and achieve “accessible” business acceleration in all dimensions.

Community members mainly help advanced BioTech suppliers enter the local market, and help local BioTech suppliers enter the global market. This two-way interactive trade process is realized through the exchange network composed of community members.

We will carry out standardized classification according to the “Exchange collaboration table”, and the projects provided by community members are divided into three main parts: scientific research/clinical trials/regulatory access, raw materials/equipment/industry, and academic promotion/medical education/treatment of patients.

Each member in Community provides supply resources to the other party, and each member simultaneously integrates resources within the network to provide “solutions” for its local market.

Community Membership Standards

1、Recruit one member for every 30 million people in each language.

2、Members need to have online media that uses local languages and is oriented to their local market, including but not limited to: Facebook, whatsapp channel, telegram channel,, tiktok, Youtuber… etc.

3、Each community member can ask the entire community to publish 50 articles for free every year, that is, community members will translate each other’s articles and publish them to their own online media platforms.

4、Community members can reject article content due to some regulatory reasons in the local market, but they cannot reject the total publication volume.

5、Community members act as agents for at least one project in the community to promote in the local market.

6、Project initiators must clearly tell community members how the project will work together and do businesss.

Cooperation consensus

1.Peer-to-peer: Two community members exchange and represent each other’s projects

2.The delivery price of a “complete solution” will not fall, but will remain stable or even rise, but with each generation upgrade, customers will get a solution with better performance! For example, “from cold chain to normal temperature”, “from hospital injection to self-injection”, “from fixed place to mobile”… and so on. “Each generation upgrade” specifically means that new solutions are required at least three years apart. If we cannot innovate, we will fail in the market competition.

3.RxLibra P2P Exchange Community is a loose alliance. RxLibra does not supervise cooperation between enterprises, so fraud may exist, but complaints are valid. If there is solid evidence and precedent, RxLibra will remove fraudsters from the community.

How to join the community?

1、Please send us an email, including: company name, location, language, company business, and the business you want to promote in the community.

2、Please provide a media matrix platform in the local market language. You can integrate it in the form of Linktree.

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