Vientiane, Laos,07-05-2022

For patients, the accessibility of the medicine is arguably the most important. The pharmaceutical industry that owes it to developing countries, according to our observation, is currently not fully utilizing the new information technology to promote the improvement of accessibility.

Services and care work best when a person’s needs are fully met and they feel heard, respected and valued.

Focusing on improving medical accessibility, building trust between patients, healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical manufacturers through IT technology, and thereby providing better health outcomes, is the role that RxLibra can play under the existing technology conditions.

As a pioneer of third-party services for the Lao pharmaceutical industry, RxLibra’s entrepreneurial DNA will surely influence the development model of the entire pharmaceutical industry.

On May 7, we held our first internal staff meeting to make it clear that we are a modern enterprise driven by plans, not by orders.

Our team members will be given the highest possible authority and freedom. The company is similar to an carrier, carrying commercial resources, but not directly participating in front-line business. All success depends on the individual groups.

RxLibra’s business platform will focus on the characteristics of information technology: linking the upstream and downstream of the industry.

And today, May 7, 2022, is the birthday of RxLibra.

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