Summary:Renting an office space and purchasing a batch of office computers are the foundation of the company’s operations.But in Laos, neither of these two infrastructures is as well developed as in developed countries. If you want to run a company in Laos, you may have to do some infrastructure setup yourself.




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In order to fulfill our commitment to ourselves: to promote the development of Laos’ pharmaceutical industry with IT technology, and to facilitate the progress of Laos’ economy and industry, we will disclose to the public the knowledge and experience accumulated by our company in the process of operation and development. For reference by others who need to conduct trade in Laos.


Describe the office space first:

Most of the office properties in Vientiane, Laos are shophouses and villas.

At present, there are a small number of office buildings. The office buildings are basically built and operated by Chinese capital. If you have been to any big city in China, such as Canton and Shanghai, you will be concerned about these buildings. feel familiar.You can ask their property management centre about leasing.

In Vientiane, most companies choose shophouses and villas for lower rents and more flexible use.Specifically:

  • Indoor use area: 100-500 square meters
  • Rent:$6000-$20000 per year, depending on location (Prices during the pandemic, if tourism recovers, should rise.)
  • Rental deposit:1 month rental deposit required
  • Parking space:2-10 parking spaces
  • Decoration and furniture:Usually no furniture, need to buy it yourself.
  • Air conditioner:A few properties have air conditioning, most need to be installed by yourself.
  • Internet access:10Mbps probably in $100 per year.

Note that local Laos properties usually require a full year’s rent in one lump sum, and there are few more flexible rent payment options.

After the landlord signs the contract, he needs to pay taxes to the local village chief. The landlord will take care of this part.

About the computer and laptap

Vientiane stores that sell computers do not provide prototypes for operation and testing.You can only look at parameters.It should be noted that many cheap computers are DOS operating systems, and I believe most people will not use them.

Each store has very few computers of the same model in stock.We only purchased 9 notebooks, and the entire Vientiane is out of stock.The display we purchased needs to be ordered from Thailand and will arrive in about a week.

It is important to note that the electrical system here is not robust. In the rainy season and thunderstorm days, there will be power outages. It is recommended that you configure UPS power for each desktop computer and server host.

In conclusion

Although Laos’ economy is lagging behind, in Vientiane, the company’s operating costs are no lower than in countries with a per capita GDP of $20,000.


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