Principles of RxLibra’s cooperation with customers

1、Clear Price

In order to improve transaction efficiency,the products we provide are all at a clear price.

For customers who purchase less than 20 boxes each time

We hope you don’t bargain with us, our margins are low and we don’t have the resources to serve the bargain.

If you purchase small quantities, but long-term purchases, we will give you a long-term purchase price status.

2、Price adjustment

We are constantly optimizing our quotations to more accurately meet and adapt to customer needs.It is expected that in 2022, the quotations of some commodities will be adjusted once a month on average.

If you need to negotiate, the quotation sheet is the framework for our negotiation.

3、For bulk purchase customers

Customers with a single purchase of 20-1000 boxes,We hope to reach an agreement with you on the guarantee of transportation and customs declaration, which is the core service of this business.

4、If you wish to order production

We are happy to help you manufacture the products you need in a GMP standard factory, and the product quotation in this part will use “1 piece” as the quotation basis.

5、If you wish to build your own brand

If you want to build your own brand, but don’t have your own manufacturing plant.

Yes, many customers in developing countries are faced with such an embarrassing situation, with unstable electricity, lack of skilled personnel and imperfect infrastructure.

This makes it far more difficult to invest in factories than to start trade.

We can help you make products.

  • As long as your company in any part of the world authorizes us to manufacture, and you supervise the production, you can get high-quality products.
  • No matter which country you file for listing registration, the local drug regulatory system can come to us to audit the factory.

If you are planning to build your own brand, in addition to helping you manufacture your products, we are also happy to help you promote your brand and sell your products.

After all, every company has limited funds, and no one can do everything.


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